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3. Inspection of Food at Entry Point 

The diagram below shows the procedure of inspection of food at entry point.



What You Need To Know on Imported Food Inspection at Entry Point

1. Foods imported will be assigned a specific examination level depending on its risk.

The inspection of food consignments is divided into six (6) levels of inspection as follows:


Six levels of food consignments inspections

2. Written approval is needed for imported food as stated below:-

  • Foods for research
  • Foods for exhibition
  • Special purpose food for critical patients upon request by the hospital
  • Personal Use
  • Gifts
  • Food with Special Approval of Minister

3. Foods found not complying the Malaysian Food Act 1983 and its regulations, the following action(s) may be taken:

  • The food is denied entry (rejected), re-exported back to its country of origin or other countries that can accept it.
  • If the food has already entered the country, a notice of recall will be issued.
  • A Level Five (5), Hold, Test and Release action will be imposed for the subsequent food consignment imported from the same implicated exporter.
  • Destruction.
  • Relabeling, reprocessing and reconditioning.
  • Court action.

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