Lain-Lain Bahasa Soalan Lazim Borang Kepuasan Pelanggan

Food Regulations 1985 

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P.U.(A) 437 OF 1985


 (click here)

PART I – PRELIMINARY  (click here)
1. Citation, commencement and application.
2. Interpretation.

PART II – WARRANTY  (click here)

3. Food which requires a written warranty from manufacturer, etc.


3A. Approval for Sale of Food Obtained Through Modern Biotechnology


4. Procedure on taking samples for physical and chemical analysis.
5. Procedure on taking samples for microbiological analysis.
6. Label for food sample.7. Request for analysis of food sample and certificate of analyst.
8. Sample of food.

PART IV – LABELLING  (click here)
9. General requirements for labelling of food.
10. Language to be used.
11. Particulars in labelling.
12. Form and manner of labelling.
13. Size and colour of letters.
14. Date marking.
15. Statement of strength of ingredient.
16. Packaging on retail premises.
17. Exemption from regulations 11, 14, 16 and 18B.
18. Matter forbidden on any label.
18A. Claims on the label.
18B. Nutrition labelling.
18C. Nutrient content claim.
18D. Nutrient comparative claims.
18E. Nutrient function claim.



19. Food additive.
20. Preservative.
20A. Antimicrobial Agent.
21. Colouring substance.
22. Flavouring substance.
23. Flavour enhancer.
24. Antioxidant.
25. Food conditioner.
26. Added nutrient.
26A. Bifido bacteria.

27. Use of harmful packages prohibited.
27A. Prohibited feeding bottles
28. Ceramic ware.
29. Use of polyvinyl chloride package containing excess vinyl chloride monomer prohibited.
30. Food packaged in polyvinyl chloride container shall not contain excess vinyl chloride monomer.
31. Use of packages for non-food product prohibited.
32. Recycling of packages prohibited.
33. Packages that may be recycled for similar product.
33A. Packages of another food that may be recycled for alcoholic beverage, shandy, vegetable and fruit.
34. Presumption as to the use of any packages.
35. Use of damaged package prohibited.
36. Toys, coins, etc., not to be placed in food.
36A. Reduced iron powder.

37. Incidental constituent.
38. Metal contaminant.
38A. 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD).
39. Microorganisms and their toxins.
40. Drug residue.
41. Pesticide residue.


Cereal, Cereal Products, Starch and Bread  (click here)

42. Flour.
43. Wheat flour.
44. Chlorinated wheat flour.
45. Gluten wheat flour.
46. Protein-increased wheat flour.
47. Self-raising wheat flour.
48. Wholemeal wheat flour.
49. Rice.
50. Milled rice.
51. Rice flour or ground rice.
52. Glutinous rice.
53. Glutinous rice flour.
54. Tapioca or cassava.
55. Tapioca flour or tapioca starch.
56. Sago.
57. Sago flour.
58. Corn flour.
59. Custard powder.
60. Meal.
61. Wheat germ meal or wheat germ.
62. Oatmeal.
63. Pasta.
64. Prepared cereal food.
65. Bread.
66. White bread.
67. [Repealed]./(Deleted)
68. Fruit bread.
69. Milk bread.
70. Meal bread.
71. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
72. Rye bread.
73. Wheat-germ bread.
74. Wholemeal bread.
75. Enriched bread.

Malt and Malt Extract  (click here)

76. Malt.
77. Malt extract.
78. Bakers’ malt extract, commercial malt extract or bakers’ maltose.

Food Aerating Substance  (click here)

79. Cream of tartar.
80. Acid phosphate.
81. Baking powder.

Milk and Milk Product  (click here)

82. Milk, raw milk or fresh milk.
83. Milk product.
84. Skimmed milk, skim milk, non-fat milk or separated milk.
85. Pasteurized milk.
86. Sterilized milk.
87. Ultra high temperature milk or U.H.T. milk.
88. Reference to milk as food.
89. Flavoured milk.
90. Full cream milk powder or dried full cream milk.
91. Skimmed milk powder, skim milk powder, dried non-fat milk solids or separated milk powder.
91A. Malted milk powder.
91B Formulated milk powder for children
92. Recombined milk.
93. Reconstituted milk.
94. Evaporated milk or unsweetened condensed milk.
95. Condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk.
96. Lactose hydrolysed milk.
97. Filled milk.
97A. Filled milk powder.
98. Evaporated filled milk or unsweetened condensed filled milk.
99. Condensed filled milk or sweetened condensed filled milk.
100. Cream or raw cream.
101. Pasteurized cream.
102. Reduced cream or pouring cream.
103. Butter.
104. Recombined butter.
105. Ghee.
106. Cheese.
107. Cottage cheese.
108. Cream cheese.
109. Processed cheese.
110. Cheese paste, cheese spread or cheese mixture.
111. Club cheese or lucheon cheese.
112. Dried cheese or powdered cheese.
113. Cultured milk or fermented milk.
114. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
115. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
116. Ice cream.
117. Particular labelling requirements of milk and milk product.

Sweetening Substance  (click here)

118. Sugar.
118A. Stevia extract.
118B. Enzymatically modified stevia.
119. Soft brown sugar.
120. Coloured sugar or rainbow sugar.
121. Dextrose anhydrous.
122. Dextrose monohydrates.
123. Refiner’s syrup.
124. Glucose.
125. Glucose syrup.
125A. Trehalose dihydrate.
126. Gula Melaka.
127. Gula kabung.
128. Fructose.
129. High fructose glucose syrup.
130. Honey.
131. Icing sugar.
132. Molasses.
132A. Artificial sweetening substance.
133. Non-nutritive sweetening substance.
134. Aspartame, glycerol and sorbitol.
134A. Beverage whitener.
134B. Sweetened creamer.
134C. Non dairy creamer.

Confection  (click here)

135. Flour confection.
136. Sugar confection.
137. Frozen confection.
138. Ice confection.
139. Table confection.
139A. Controlled jelly confection.
140. Particular labelling requirement of confection.

Meat and Meat Product  (click here)

141. Meat or fresh meat.
142. Chilled meat.
143. Frozen meat.
144. Minced meat or ground meat.
145. Meat product.
146. Meat paste.
147. Manufactured meat.
148. Smoked meat.
149. Canned meat.
150. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
151. Canned meat with other food.
152. Meat extract or meat essence.
153. Edible gelatin.
154. Meat or meat product shall not contain oestrogen residue.
155. Particular labelling requirement of meat and meat product.

Fish and Fish Product  (click here)

156. Fish.
157. Fish product.
158. Cured, pickled or salted fish.
159. Smoked fish.
160. Prepared fish.
161. Canned fish.
162. Fish paste.
163. Belacan.
164. Fish sauce.
165. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
166. Cincalok.
166A. Oyster sauce.
166B. Oyster flavoured sauce.
167. Fish ball or fish cake.
168. Fish keropok.
169. Otak udang, petis or heko.
170. Pekasam.

Egg and Egg Product  (click here)

171. Egg.
172. Liquid egg.
173. Liquid egg yolk.
174. Liquid egg white.
175. Dried egg, dried egg yolk and dried egg white.
176. Reference to egg as food or as ingredient in food.
177. Preserved egg.
178. Particular labelling requirement of egg.

Edible Bird’s Nest and Edible Bird’s Nest Product  (click here)

178A. Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible Fat and Edible oil  (click here)

179. General standard for edible fat and edible oil.
180. Dripping.
181. Suet.
182. Lard.
183. Refined, bleached, deodorized palm stearin.
184. Neutralized, bleached, deodorized palm stearin.
185. Margerine.
186. Fat spread.
187. Vanaspati.
188. General standard for edible oil.
189. Cooking oil.
190. Refined coconut oil.
191. Unrefined coconut oil.
192. Corn oil.
193. Cottonseed oil.
194. Groundnut oil, peanut oil or arachis oil.
195. Mustardseed oil.
196. Refined, bleached, deodorized palm oil.
197. Neutralized, bleached, deodorized palm oil.
198. Refined, bleached, deodorized palm olein.
199. Neutralized, bleached, deodorized palm olein.
200. Refined, bleached, deodorized palm kernel oil.
201. Olive oil.
202. Rice bran oil.
203. Rapeseed oil or toria oil.
204. Safflower seed oil.
205. Sesameseed oil or gingelly oil.
206. Soya bean oil.
207. Sunflower seed oil.
208. Particular labelling requirement of edible fat and edible oil.

Vegetable and Vegetable Product  (click here)

209. Vegetable.
210. Fresh vegetable.
211. Dried or dehydrated vegetable.
212. Frozen vegetable.
213. Vegetable product.
214. Salted vegetable.
215. Dried salted vegetable.
216. Tomato paste.
217. Tomato pulp.
218. Tomato puree.
219. Vegetable juice.
220. Canned vegetable.
221. Fermented soya bean product.
222. Hydrolysed vegetable protein or hydrolysed plant protein.

Soup and Soup Stock  (click here)

223. Soup.
224. Soup stock.

Fruit and Fruit Product  (click here)

225. Raw fruit or fresh fruit.
226. Dried fruit.
227. Mixed dried fruit.
228. Fruit product.
229. Candied fruit or glaced fruit or crystallized fruit.
230. Salted fruit.
231. Dried salted fruit.
232. Candied peel.
233. Canned fruit.
234. Canned fruit cocktail.
235. Fruit juice.
236. Apple juice.
237. Grapefruit juice.
238. Lemon juice.
239. Lime juice.
240. Orange juice.
241. Passion fruit juice.
242. Pineapple juice.
243. Particular labelling requirement of fruit juice.
243A. Fruit nectar.
244. Fruit pulp.
245. Fruit puree or fruit paste.

Jam, Fruit Jelly, Marmalade and Seri Kaya  (click here)

246. Jam.
247. Fruit jelly.
248. Marmalade.
249. Seri kaya.
250. Pectin.
251. Jam setting compound.

Nut and Nut Product  (click here)

252. Nut.
253. Coconut milk.
254. Coconut cream.
254A. Coconut Cream Concentrate
255. Coconut cream powder.
256. Desiccated coconut.
257. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
258. Coconut paste.
259. Peanut butter.

Tea, Coffee, Chicory and Related Product  (click here)

260. Tea.
261. Tea dust, tea fanning or tea sifting.
262. Tea extract, instant tea or soluble tea.
263. Scented tea.
263A. Tea mix.
264. Particular labelling requirement of tea.
265. Coffee bean.
266. Coffee or ground coffee or coffee powder.
267. Instant coffee or soluble coffee.
267A. Decaffeinated coffee.
268. Coffee essence or liquid coffee extract.
269. Coffee mixture.
269A. Premix coffee.
270. Chicory.
271. Coffee and chicory.
272. Instant coffee and chicory or soluble coffee and chicory extract.
273. Coffee and chicory essence or liquid coffee and chicory extract.

Cocoa and Cocoa Product  (click here)

274. Cocoa bean.
275. Cocoa nib or cracked cocoa.
276. Cocoa paste, cocoa mass, cocoa slab or cocoa liquor.
277. Cocoa butter.
278. Cocoa or cocoa powder or soluble cocoa.
279. Chocolate.
280. White chocolate.
281. Milk chocolate.

Milk Shake  (click here)

282. Milk shake.

Salt and Spice  (click here)

283. Salt.
284. Table salt.
285. Iodised table salt or iodised salt.
286. Spice.
287. Aniseed.
287A. Aniseed powder.
288. Caraway seed.
289. Caraway powder.
290. Cardamom.
291. Cardamom seed.
292. Cardamom powder.
293. Cardamom amomum.
294. Cardamom amomum seed.
295. Cardamom amomum powder.
296. Celery seed.
297. Chilli.
298. Chilli powder.
299. Chilli slurry.
300. Cinnamon.
301. Cinnamon powder.
302. Cloves.
303. Cloves powder.
304. Coriander.
305. Coriander powder.
306. Cumin.
307. Cumin powder.
308. Cumin black.
309. Cumin black powder.
310. Dill seed.
311. Fennel.
312. Fennel powder.
313. Fenugreek.
314. Fenugreek powder.
315. Ginger.
316. Ginger powder.
317. Mace.
318. Mace powder.
319. Mustard.
320. Mustard powder.
321. Nutmeg.
322. Nutmeg powder.
323. Black pepper.
324. Black pepper powder.
325. White pepper.
326. White pepper powder.
327. Mixed pepper powder.
328. Pimento.
329. Saffron.
330. Star anise.
331. Tumeric.
332. Tumeric powder.
332A. Blended turmeric powder.
333. Mixed spice.
333A. Curry powder.

Vinegar, Sauce, Chutney and Pickle  (click here)

334. Vinegar.
335. Distilled vinegar.
336. Blended vinegar.
337. Artificial vinegar or synthetic vinegar.
338. Particular labelling requirement of vinegar.
339. Sauce.
340. Soya sauce or soya bean sauce or kicap.
341. Hydrolysed vegetable protein sauce or hydrolysed plant protein sauce.
341A. Blended hydrolysed vegetable protein sauce or blended hydrolysed plant protein sauce.
342. Chilli sauce.
343. Tomato sauce or tomato ketchup or tomato catsup.
344. Salad dressing.
345. Mayonnaise.
346. Chutney.
347. Pickle.

Soft Drink  (click here)

348. General standard for soft drink.
349. Syrup.
350. Fruit syrup, fruit cordial or fruit squash.
351. Flavoured syrup or flavoured cordial.
352. Fruit juice drink.
353. Fruit drink.
354. Flavoured drink.
355. Soft drink base or soft drink premix.
356. Botanical beverage.
357. Soya bean milk.
358. Soya bean drink.
359. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
360. Particular labelling requirement of soft drink.

Natural Mineral Water  (click here)

360A. Natural mineral water.

Packaged Drinking Water  (click here)

360B. Packaged drinking water.
360C. Vended water

Alcoholic Beverage  (click here)

361. General standard for alcoholic beverage.
362. Wine.
363. Wine cocktail, vermouth or wine aperitif.
364. Aerated wine.
365. Dry wine.
366. Sweet wine.
367. Fruit wine.
368. Apple wine.
369. Cider.
370. Pear wine.
371. Perry.
372. Vegetable wine.
373. Honey wine or mead.
374. Beer, lager, ale or stout.
375. Rice wine.
376. Toddy.
377. Spirit.
378. Brandy.
379. Fruit brandy.
380. Rum.
381. Whisky.
382. Vodka.
383. Gin.
384. Samsu.
385. Particular labelling requirement of spirit.
386. Liqueur.

Shandy  (click here)

387. Shandy.

Special Purpose Food  (click here)

388. Special purpose food.
389. Infant formula.
389A. Follow-up fomula.
390. Canned food for infants and children.
391. Cereal-based food for infants and children.
392. Low energy food.
393. Formula dietary food.
393A. Special dietary foods with low sodium content including salt substitute.


PART X – MISCELLANEOUS  (click here)
395. Food not elsewhere standardized.
396. [Repealed]. (Deleted)
397. Penalty.
398. Transitional provision.
399. Revocation.

SCHEDULES  (click here) update 23.07.2015

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