Lain-Lain Bahasa Soalan Lazim Borang Kepuasan Pelanggan

181. Suet 

  1. Suet shall be edible fat rendered from fresh, clean, sound fatty tissues from the region of the kidney or loin or caul of bovine, ovine or caprine animal or a combination of these, that was healthy at the time of slaughter and fit for human consumption.
  2. Suet
    • shall have
      • a specific gravity (40°C/water at 20°C) of from 0.893 to 0.898;
      • a refractive index (40°C) of from 1.448 to 1.460;
      • a saponification value of from 190 to 200 milligrams potassium hydroxide per gram;
      • an iodine value of from 32 to 47;
      • an acid value of not more than 2 milligrams of potassium hydroxide per gram; and
      • a peroxide value of not more than 20 milliequivalents peroxide oxygen per kilogram; and
    • shall not contain more than 10 g/kg of unsaponifiable matter.

[Am. P.U.(A) 162/88]

Codex Commodity Standard

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