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136. Sugar confection 

  1. Sugar confection shall be any product made principally from sugar, glucose, sorbitol or any other sweetening substances, other than non-nutritive sweetening substance, with or without other food, and shall include chewing gum, bubble gum and other masticatory confection and cake decoration but shall not include frozen confection.
  2. Sugar confection may contain permitted colouring substance, permitted flavouring substance, permitted food conditioner and acesulfame potassium not exceeding 3,500 mg/kg as permitted non-nutritive sweetening substance.
  3. Chewing gum and bubble gum may contain carnauba wax not exceeding 1,200 mg/kg as a glazing agent and β-cyclodextrin not exceeding 20,000 mg/kg as permitted food conditioner.

[Am. P.U.(A) 160/04, 306/09]

Codex Commodity Standard

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